mardi 19 juin 2012

JavaFX 2.0, Forms and Bean Validation: FXForm2 is here!

...and we are back on our technical blog!
We started last year a project called FXForm providing automatic form generation in JavaFX 1.3. We have been using this library intensively in some of our applications. JavaFX 2.0 is now a public beta. It did not took too much time until we decided to migrate FXForm to this exciting new version of the JavaFX technology. Actually, it was not really relevant to convert the old code to JavaFX 2.0 code. Most FXForm code was about binding and this part of the API has be heavily modified in JavaFX 2.0 to fit the constraints of the Java langage. So we decided to write it again from scratch — and you know what? This was quicker than expected to achieve! The new JavaFX 2.0 API is intuitive and clear. By the way, some features of the Java ecosystem where much more easier to integrate such as the JSR 303 Bean Validation support. So we are proud to announce FXForm2. Check our Get Started page to create your first form! Many features and default controls are still coming, but any help is welcome! Feel free to contact us.

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