mardi 19 juin 2012

Unit testing your javafx application

In my last post I described how to set up a maven-javafx project using the jfrog-javafx plugin. One essential point was still missing in the configuration: the execution of javafx unit tests. By default, the jfrog-javafx plugin is not configured to handle a test folder. So let’s see how to do that:
  • Create a src/test/javafx folder in your project
  • Put a unit test in this folder. Note that javafx does not support annotations, so the test must be written according to junit 3 rules. (however, you can use junit 4 in your dependencies, since it’s backward compatible)
  • Update the configuration of the jfrog-javafx plugin to compile both the main and the test javafx folders. We define two executions for this plugin. Themain execution will process the javafx resources and compile the javafx code in src/main/javafx during the compile phase. The test will compile the javafx code in src/test/javafx during the test-compile phase. You might also notice that junit is declared as a dependency of the plugin to fix a classpath issue since the jfrog-javafx plugin does not include the dependencies with test scope during compilation
  • Now your javafx test should be executed during the test phase of the maven lifecycle like a regular java unit test. You can now let hudson run your javafx unit tests at each build!

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