mardi 19 juin 2012

Synchronize maven and gae application version

We are currently developing a maven project deployed on google appengine.Maven manages a version property in its pom.xml:
When we release the project with maven (mvn release:prepare and mvn release:perform), this version number gets automatically increased to the next development version, for example from 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT to 0.0.2-SNAPSHOT.
The main problem is that google app engine uses another version descriptor in the appengine-web.xml file that is independent from the first one:
It would be great to get those to versions number synchronized! Here is a solution how to get it working:
  • Define a tiny groovy script, let’s say utils.groovy, that will define a property defining the gae version. The problem is that we can’t use the maven version directly since gae does not accept ‘.’ and ‘-SNAPSHOT’ in it’s version. So this script will map the gae version to the maven version in that way:  X.Y.Z(-SNAPSHOT) -> X-Y-Z . Of course we will lose the SNAPSHOT information, but this is not really relevant in gae terms. Your application will be deployed at

  • Attach the execution of the groovy script to the maven validate phase adding this to the pom.xml

  • This will define a maven property named gaeversion that you can use in your appengine-web.xml file

  • And finally tell to maven to filter our appengine-web.xml resource!

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